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Spending time with family and friends should be special! Let us help!

Are you someone that scrolls through Instagram and find yourself envious of bougie celebrity parties or over the top kid birthday parties and think "I wish I could do that"? Then you are in the right place. We created Chic Flair because entertaining or gift giving should not be stressful - it should be fun and easy. We are not event planners, but here you will find a few tips and suggestions to make your next gathering just a little bit 'extra' or simply find a special gift that makes the recipient feel the love.iption

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Gift ideas that 'Wow'!

Monogrammed Glassware

Zip code, area code, monogram or name

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Soy Candle

It's a candle -
not a beverage!

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Our customers say the nicest things:

Just purchased a stunning “welcome” plaque! Absolutely  gorgeous and of great quality! Thank you, Dee & Paige

I am a repeat customer -
I love your shop and
customer service.

Our girls weekend was made extra special with the monogrammed cosmetic bags & swag.  Everyone loved them!

Inspiration time!

What tickles your fancy?  Do you like things simple or a little bougie?  There is no right or wrong answer ... the important thing is to make sure your uniqueness shines through.

At Chic Flair we are here to help you put the finishing touches on your style and entertaining.  Some folks have a knack for it and like to do it all themselves to express their creativity.  Others can see the end results and want someone to do it for them.  

Guess what?  Both options are OK.   We just hope to take the stress out of the decision making and show you the fun side of things.

Stay Chic!

Short and sweet notes to keep the ideas fresh.


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